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Fogging Machines

General information about WANJET Fogging Technology

Wanjet offers fogging machines as part of their fourth-generation ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging machine series, known as the Wanjet F-series. The key advantages of the F-series include high reliability, competitive pricing due to standardization, and ease of maintenance and repair due to purpose-designed components.

The term “ULV” stands for Ultra Low Volume, a method that involves treating areas with minimal amounts of chemicals in an aerosol state. The technique is categorized internationally based on the median droplet size it employs, ranging from coarse sprays to fine sprays and aerosols.

A micron, a metric system measure, is equal to 1/1000,000 meters (0.001 mm). To provide context, a raindrop has a diameter of about 4000 microns, while a human hair has a diameter of around 75 microns.

The median diameter represents the size at which 50% of the droplets in a collection are smaller, and 50% are larger.

Smaller droplets in the air tend to be spherical, and their volume can be calculated using a formula. When droplets cover an area, they form circular shapes, and the covered area can also be calculated using a formula. Reducing droplet size by half can double the area covered by the same volume of liquid.

In comparison to other application methods, Wanjet fogging machines, which generate small aerosol droplets, offer benefits such as better coverage, no dripping, reduced visible residues, shorter working times, and decreased exposure to chemicals. The small droplets also take longer to fall to the ground, making it easier to reach difficult-to-access targets compared to conventional spraying methods.

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Wanjet HP-spraying system

Wanjet sprayers have been in production since 1978. Since our inception, our product range has primarily focused on high-pressure sprayers with a maximum pressure capacity of up to 150 bar. The fundamental concept behind utilizing high pressure is to achieve finer droplets and enhanced plant coverage while using a reduced volume of liquid, thereby optimizing the efficiency of application.

Wanjet Spraying System
Mobile Verticle Spraybooms

M1 – M2 – M3 – M4 – V1

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